Smoke and marbles

So, did everyone just have the longest Monday ever, or was that just me and everyone I know?? Seriously – what has today been about?

On my way home just now I found myself walking through dense smoke. I don’t know what has happened, but something has been burning pretty ferociously – that was no bonfire smoke. It has stuck to my hair and clothes and enveloped me in stench – think I’m going to have to shower tonight. 😦

This also meant that a large part of my journey was spent in the clutches of horrified panic. As is my paranoid wont, I convinced myself that i would be arriving home to find my belongings buried in a pile of smouldering ash. You wouldn’t believe the directions my imagination can swing wildly toward at moments like these…

Anyway, as it turns out all is fine and dandy and my belongings are in one piece and ash-free. And I saw a marble in the gutter on my way home, which made me smile in a nostalgic kind of way.


5 thoughts on “Smoke and marbles

  1. Yes! I’ve had the longest Monday ever, too – I thought it was just me! And I totally get the smoke paranoia, too: if I’m out somewhere in town and I hear a fire engine, I instantly become convinced that it’s racing towards my burning house, and I can’t fully relax until I get home and ressure myself that everything’s OK. Ah, fun times πŸ™‚

    • Hi Katey,

      Well, I’m wearing tights again today despite it being quite muggy out… Our air con is freezing!

      I think we’re just having a cooler spell, I hope it won’t continue throughout August.


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