Cool summer

I woke up just before my alarm this morning. I nipped to the bathroom, realised I was on a non-hair-wash day and could stay in bed a bit longer and rushed back under the covers. Because this morning it was actually cold out of bed.

Yes, cold. In July. Ok, I admit I had the windows open, which probably wasn’t helping, but surely that’s to be expected at this time of year? What’s not to be expected is goosebumps!

Anyway, as you can see I am sporting tights for the second day running – admittedly largely because my leggings were in the wash, but not actually that big a problem considering the air con at work and on the train. These days I tend to take a cardi off before I leave to catch the bus in the evening, knowing the warmest part of my day will be spent waiting at the bus stop in the open, non-artificial, air.

My sinuses are still giving me problems, and I’m beginning to wonder whether air con might have a little to do with it…


3 thoughts on “Cool summer

  1. I’d really not be surprised. Air-con gives me dry eyes, which are absolutely agonising without decent moisturising eyedrops. But then, I used to work in an office where the fellas thought it was tropical if the temperature reached over 19 deg celcius. It’s what you get for working next to the server room, I guess.

  2. C’est oui, unfortunately it does. Air con makes my nose go very funny very quickly, and it took me a while to realise it! If you still notice it being a problem, try and get some Nasonex from your Doctor – it’s fantastic stuff, the only thing that keeps my nose clear whatever is going on!

    Love that dress btw, very pretty pretty!

  3. Have you tried a saline nasal spary to help keep your sinuses clear and moisturised? I find it very useful for hayfever season.
    This afternoon I am struggling with something in my eye which I can feel but not see. I am trying not to rub it. Might need to see if the first aid kit has an eye bath thingy.
    Back to the fashion – I too am loving the floral dress, tights, ruby shoes combo. Navy tights might also look good with that dress and ruby shoes.

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