So, my six month subscription to is nearly at an end. When I signed up I said I would do so for six months only, as the outlay is really a bit beyond my means at the moment. In case you’re wondering, the subscription prices are:

  • £22.80 per month for 1 month.
  • £15.22 per month for 3 months (£45.65 in total).
  • £10.88 per month for 6 months (£65.25 in total).

This is for the basic package – if you want to do useful things like appear unavailable you’ll need to upgrade further, but I didn’t look into that at all.

My feelings overall are a bit meh. As this is the first dating site I’ve tried I have no point of comparison, but it feels a safe atmosphere for those a little less comfortable about stepping out into the dating scene. However, it can be very frustrating, particularly as the daily emails build up in your inbox: “Your profile has been viewed”, “Your profile has been viewed”, “You’ve just been winked at”, “You’ve just been winked at”, “My, your profile is proving popular today!”. On more than one occasion I found myself yelling “Leave me alone!” at the computer!

But, it has had some good moments. As someone new to and terrified by the dating scene it did seem a gentle entry point with nice simple rules of contact and no obligations. I have met some really lovely fellas and a couple of oddities, had some great dates and a couple of stinkers, which as ratio goes, seems pretty favourable. Plus, it allowed me to meet Dapper Chap, whose company I enjoy immensely: always a bonus!

There are a couple of points on which I’m really not sold. These are, firstly, that the automatic renewal of subscriptions is a cheeky and money-grabbing trick I feel certain must be bordering on illegal! There is no easy way to halt these automatic payments – the FAQs tell you to follow the instructions on the My Subscriptions page, but the My Subscriptions page simply tells you to call customer services. Not having a landline, I don’t appreciate this one bit.

Secondly, the six months “make love happen” guarantee is tricky to qualify for. The point of online dating from my personal perspective is to allow me the opportunity to take things at my own pace. I’m shy and nervous and, having been prey to oddballs and stalker-types my whole life, very very wary. The guarantee only holds if you are permanently active on the site, and can prove that you’ve made positive contact – with a view to dating – five new people for every month you’ve been subscribed. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but there aren’t five weekends in my month. I work long hours and do not have time for more than one date on most weeks – and that’s supposing I can squeeze the one in! I was not in the right place to be forced into regularly dating just in order to “keep my options open” – I’m not a multiple-men kinda gal and frankly I’ve neither the time nor the energy. The assumption that I should have enough hours in my day to spend cultivating budding relationships with not just one but multiple partners each week is decidedly laughable.

So, no, as promised, I won’t be renewing my subscription. But I wouldn’t rule out online dating as a whole, or even for future potential. I’d just need to have the time and the energy to justify the cost.

UPDATE: I actually wrote this post BEFORE I canceled my subscription properly. When I finally phoned up to cancel the auto renewal the very friendly young man told me that even though I hadn’t actually fulfilled the terms and conditions fully, my profile was popular enough that they would give me the next six months for free under the six month guarantee! And when it’s free it seems rude not to…

So, I guess I’ll be loitering online a little longer.


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