Wasps and flappers

There was a wasp on my bus this evening.

I’m not a fan of wasps. I’m not scared of them as such, and certainly not in the flapping, yelping running-away style so many seem fond of. I subscribe to the school of thought that says if you stay still and ignore them they will eventually go way.

*touch wood* I have never been stung by a wasp yet. *touch wood*

Unfortunately, certain of my fellow passengers today were fans of the flapping, yelping and running away persuasion. They were also fans of screeching, giggling, and moving seats whenever the wasp came near them. One lady was fond of bellowing “git away” in a deep Caribbean accent and striking out violently in the wasp’s direction. Because trapping a vicious, spiteful insect in a metal box them making it angry is such a great idea!

At the end of the day, no-one got stung. But that didn’t stop me from leaving the bus in town and walking to the station. Never mind the wasp, I had to escape my fellow passengers!


6 thoughts on “Wasps and flappers

  1. Oooh, is that dress from Next? I lusted after it for so long it sold out in my size 😦 but isn’t is gorgeous?! Suits you to an absolute T, my sweet.

  2. I’ve been stung so many times by wasps that I now have wasp eez in my bag all summer long. I’ve been stung around 15 times including in the neck and the bottom so am petrified of the little Blighters.

  3. PS I grew up where wasps are the size of your fist and come in bright red and deepest black so are easier to spot – therefore watching Dave leap about cursing these itty bitty things that look like hoverflies tends to make me laugh rather than run for cover….

  4. I love this dress! Where’s it from?

    I too am terrified of wasps and will jump up and run away when one comes near. I won’t stay in the room if there’s one at work, I make the lads get rid of it. And being the only girl in the department for years means I can totally get away with that kind of behaviour.

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