Chain mail gets tasty: meet Herman

If you put me in the fridge, I will die. If I stop bubbling, I am dead.

When Herman first arrived at my humble abode he looked a little something like this:

A gift from my colleague Alice, he was bubbling nicely in his jar. Of course, Herman is a greedy little thing and after a few days of tlc and feeding-up he began to grow considerably, in fact, I think I overfed him, because pretty soon I had to split him between two mixing bowls!

Herman, being a complex life form, came with his own instructions. Instructions which I passed on on Wednesday night as I delivered each of Herman’s offspring to a new, hopefully loving home.

And here is Herman in his final life stage, ready to be devoured!

I added my own twist to the recipe with dried cherries, cranberries and white choc chunks. Noms!


5 thoughts on “Chain mail gets tasty: meet Herman

  1. Wow, that’s what my Herman will look like?! Your add-ins sound very tasty. I wondered if you’d clad him in armour from your title, but I get it now (Friday-itis) xx

  2. I’m wondering if this is like Amish friendship bread. Someone passed it on to me and I made the bread, it was good but I did not pass the starter along.

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