Seasonal Affective

It’s not even August and my tan lines haven’t faded yet, but still I find myself starting to get excited about autumn winter clothing again! I’m such an AW girl at heart – much as I love the warmth of the summer months, there is nothing as satisfying as wrapping up in wools and tweeds, cashmere and alpaca, pulling out the thick coloured tights and knee boots, roll necks and BEAUTIFUL winter coats, tugging a hat over one’s ears and sliding one’s hands into lined leather gloves…

Cosying up on the sofa under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate/pot of tea, a good book and if you’re really lucky, a good bloke too…

I’ve stopped deleting emails boasting AW pieces on sight (“It’s not even summer yet!!”) in favour of opening them, clicking through and cooing over the beautiful pieces within. As always, the items that catch my eye foremost tend to be tartan, my love for all things plaid never waning from one winter to the next.

Hold onto your horses – these babies come in at the designer end of the price list!

Chloe pleated wool mini skirt, £1235

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania philosophy wool plaid skirt,
£235 – yes, that is a whole £1000 cheaper!
And still outside my budget…

Awwww, pretties. I feel I need a proper tartan skirt this year. I think I’ve a tweed somewhere, and know I’ve a full length kilt, but it’s the muted tones of these that are drawing me in. The Vivienne Westwood is infinitely office-appropriate paired with a skinny-fit roll neck and heels, while the Chloe mini-skirt is crying out to be teamed with a chunky-knit cardi, scarf and hat, thick tights and leaf-kicking boots for autumn walks in the park.

Christian Louboutin Ronfifi Alta 100 buttoned boots: £1,070

Boots like these!! And when I say “like” these, I mean “like” – because there’s no way my budget would ever stretch to that price tag! I’ve had a soft spot for knee boots since my Mum bought me my first pair aged 16. I developed a reputation for wearing knee boots in sixth form and I’ve worn them each and every winter ever since. I have also invested in a pair roughly every winter since, so now have quite a collection…

But I have yet to find a reasonably priced pair that combined my love of boots with my love of buttons. (If you’re reading, high street, I’d like these Louboutins, but coming in under £200, please?)


9 thoughts on “Seasonal Affective

  1. Those boots are amazing. I love the autumn too – my favourite season. All that wool, wrapping up, boots and skirts, Halloween and parkin… yum!

  2. See, all the best people love A/W, it’s true. I feel the shades, shapes, silhouettes and fabrics are better suited to my more comely firgure anyway!

    Maybe try and persuade Dapper to take you to Scotland….you’d be awash with plaid and tartan in hours! Pretty reasonably priced too. I cooed over the Harris tweed shop on our honeymoon. Now that’s how to do tweed in the winter!

    (You can also get the softest cashmere scarves for £20 – bargain!)

  3. It’s in the genes! I had a gorgours pair of purple/ burgandy suede lace up boots when I was 19, plus a maxi coat in a similar colour (Yes it was the 70s!) I thought I was the Bees Knees!
    I have a lovely maxi coat in black for this winter and need new boots so if you find any at a sensible price let me know.

  4. My Next Directory and LTS catalogue have arrived this week, as have a couple of magazines with A/W styles featured, and I’m now wishing I could bust out the polo necks already too. It’s not just you, I get like this every year at this time.

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