Needed: new shoes

It’s not very often I get to say that I need new shoes – it’s usually more a case of lust than necessity…

But this week I have encountered some major problems with my footwear. To begin with, my favourite £5 embroidered Dotty P courts (pumps to my american readers) have gone in the heel department. I suddenly found it very difficult to walk half way through yesterday, and investigation proved I was balancing on little more than metal rods. I will be taking them to the cobblers, as they’re a particular favourite of mine, but I don’t hold out much hope for reheeling. :S

Last Friday, and again today, I wore my favourite navy patent Bertie peep-toes. And both times my feet slipped out continuously as I walked: it was like I’d regressed to a childhood of tottering around the bedroom in mummy’s heels! I have had these shoes for 4 years, and consistently found them to be one of the more comfortable, easy pairs that I own. Why, suddenly, are they too big?

Can your feet shrink in your 20s?

Several of my other shoes have begun to feel a little “spacious” of late, but I had put it down to cheap high street purchases. These are leather though – which I know gives, but shouldn’t stretch to this extent. Also, most of my other shoes have t-bars or ankle straps, so it doesn’t matter quite so desperately.

So, I need new shoes. Work shoes – preferably patent and peep toe and made by my personal shoe gods, Bertie. Guess I’d better start saving the pennies!


6 thoughts on “Needed: new shoes

  1. M&S always do good work shoes and usually have lots of nice patent ones in.

    Your hair is getting more lovely by the post too, I must say!


  2. You look gorgeous in these pictures!
    My favourite red heels have suddenly become too big for me this last week. So much so that I was struggling to walk in them and actually FELL OVER last week. I blamed the uneven pavement, but I know it was the shoes. Fortunately thick socks worn with court shoes is going to be a huge look this winter so don’t chuck out your stretched out shoes until next spring at least.

  3. Yes!! Feet do shrink in your 20’s!! The same thing happened to me – I was 29 – and I suddenly had dozens of pairs of size 7’s which became distinctly boat-like. Over one too many Magner’s I confessed this to my friend M, to find that her feet had also shrunk, from a 5 to a 4! Welcome to the club!!

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