Never judge

As I was walking home this evening I heard a bike approaching from behind, punctuated by tinny rap music blasting from a mobile phone. I stepped to one side of the pavement to let, most likely, a teenage lad in a hood, pass by. I’ll admit I was surprised when a little girl in a pink cardigan and jeans whizzed past.

But I guess you shouldn’t judge. I actually wore this same outfit for Kate and Rich’s birthday barbecue on Saturday, where Dapper got into conversation with a couple about heavy metal music. They looked bemused enough that this exceedingly well-dressed fella might know anything about metal, but when I casually agreed that System of a Down were, in fact, excellent live musicians – I’d seen them at the Reading festival in 2001 – bemusement quite visibly turned to a split second of disbelief. I guess I don’t quite look the part.

So, let the little girl have her rap music. Even if the language spilling forth was highly inappropriate for a wee one of her delicate years… I’ll try not to judge.


3 thoughts on “Never judge

  1. Too true – I love me some RnB grooves, rap, dance, vocal trance and drum n bass – but I am pretty darn sure I don’t look like I do! Quite the way I like it, I don’t suit low cut jeans and slag tops. I hope!

  2. That cardi is a fabulous colour for you!

    I had a similar exchange at work recently, funnily enough. People were talking about Robbie re-joining Take That and some of the lads who don’t know me so well assumed I’d be interested. There was a degree of startlement when I pointed out that at the time when my contemporaries were debating the rival merits of Bros and New Kids On The Block, I was pinching my brother’s Guns n’ Roses & Alice Cooper albums.

  3. You are a woman with hidden depths :))))
    It’s so easy to steriotype persons just because of the way they look like.And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be about or style but simply if the face we were born with gives other people certain expectations.
    You always point out interesting things about human behaviour.

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