Polkadodge – I knew there had to be a word for that! If, when my Mum asked me what I was sniggering at down the phone last night, I’d known that word, I could have used it – rather than trying to verbalise the little back-and-forth hoppity-skippity thing I’d just encountered trying to cross paths with a fellow pedestrian…

Polkadodge is just one of the words highlighted in this Telegraph article about the Oxford English Dictionary’s “rejected words” vault. Other greats include earworm, dringle and scrax, dunandunate, vidiot and furgle…

The more I read this the more I can’t get past the idea of a “storeroom” containing “millions of words”. How does it contain them? Are they written on scraps of paper – the backs of old envelopes? Or are they neatly filed away, one side of A4 per word? Are they typed or handwritten? Have they any plans to digitalise the vault? If so, do they need any help??


13 thoughts on “Vaulted

  1. I can’t believe “Wibble” is a reject! I use that one all the time?!

    I’m loving “Smushables”. Will use that next time I am in Tesco.

  2. I have this dress! I had to buy it after I saw you wearing it at my birthday πŸ™‚ Although mine wasn’t from the charity shop 😦

    Hmm, why do I feel that the rejected words would be so much more interesting than ‘normal’ words? It’s little wonder I used to spend my childhood constructing languages for no good reason.

    • This is a different Joe Brown’s dress to the one I wore at your birthday – I picked it up in Oxfam a couple of weeks ago! You rarely see Joe Brown’s in a charity shop unfortunately. 😦


      • Omigod, it’s exactly the same in my head. And I’m soo jealous. I might have got it in the half price sale but you just have the most uncanny knack with second hand shops. I only ever find absolute junk (but then I did find better stuff when I was a bit smaller)

    • Blatantly hijacking Carolines thread, I’d just like to say that in my experience, they’ve been really good. I’ve always liked the sizing and the fit, and I’ve only ever had a tear in one item and that was my own fault for standing on the end of my skirt!

      • Agreed – I’ve never had a problem with quality. They’re not exactly top quality tailored pieces, but then they’re not that style of piece. I’m particularly fond of them!

  3. Hey lovely, a complete aside – would you or any of your fab blogging buddies know where I can find a dark blue 50s style dress? For less than a mortgage payment?! Any colour to be honest would be great but kinda got my heart set on one for weddings etc.

    Mwah! Nxxx

  4. Hello Natalie – I’ve heard alot about you! Nice to meet you over the web πŸ™‚

    My suggestions would be;

    Ebay – they have plenty of 50’s style dresses, and you can pick and choose your budget.

    Collectif – I bought a dress from them recently for a wedding, and it’s lovely, so pleased with it. Reasonably priced, I thought!

    Dollydagger – always worth a shot, and their prices vary.

    Tara Starlet dresses can be found in 50’s styles.

    Vivien of Holloway – the most expensive. I can’t say you pay for the quality, as I’ve never owned one of their dresses!

    Another brand worth looking at on Ebay is Hell Bunny. Very reasonable in terms of price, but they can err on the goth side, so look carefully at the patterns!

    Hope this helps a bit, best of luck! xxxxx

  5. Hi Carys,

    Lovely to hear from you – I wouldn’t believe half of what Miss Short says, she’s usually far too kind!!

    Thanks for the tips and advice, I have come across a couple of the above names from some random ebay browsing, but theres some new ones there too. I certainly look into these.

    I think I may have to change the idea of what I want a little, all I know is I want to look oh so girly in a lovely 50s style dress. But I have time, don’t need one until October!

    Thank you again, and hopefully I will get to meet you in the real world soon!

    Nat x

  6. Miss Natalie: I am not too kind, I always speak the absolute truth! And there would be no need to lie about you anyway – you’re just too wonderful!

    I can’t wait for you two to meet – I feel certain you will get along like a house on fire. Particularly as I adore you both so, and have such impeccable taste myself…

    Kisses, both! xxxx

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