Ruby Friday

Since I worked from home and therefore didn’t wear shoes on Ruby Shoesday this week, I’ve swapped Tuesday for Friday. Because it’s my game and my rules and *sings* that’s my prerogative! *does a little booty shake*

Ahem! Moving on, it’s been a while since I wore this dress – largely because I forgot I actually owned it. I was rifling through my wardrobe looking for cross-over clothing (now that the temperature has dropped just a teensy bit and it’s no longer warm enough for sundresses) and there she was, all shiny and red and “remember me? Wear me!” So I said, “Yeah, ok, I’ll wear you.” And I did!

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m in a silly mood today. That’s because by the time this post is published I’ll be on the train to Dapper Chap’s for a weekend of relaxation: a day trip to a Medieval town perhaps, possibly some castley goodness… or maybe some Roman ruins at the very least! Which may sound boring as hell to a lot of “normal” types, but to me is one of the most pleasant ways to spend my one day off a week!

See you Sunday, and if you’re really lucky I might even have some photos for you…


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