Coral Tuesday

Before I went on holiday I participated in a little swapsies with Erin of Work with what you’ve got. There was a book she wanted from UK amazon, and in return for my buying and posting it over to her, she sent me some of her utterly beautiful hand-crafted jewelery. I wore her coral necklace, designed to accompany my ruby shoesday outfits, to work today. It drew so many compliments – but then it is really pretty!

Not that I have a favourite, and I have worn the agate and think it is beautiful too, but I LOVE the key. I have worn it to the pub a few times now and it always gets at least one compliment!

On to the shoes, as you can see, the red of these doesn’t quite match the red tones of the rest of my ensemble. But I actually only put these on to take my outfit shot in order to give you the impression of the overall effect. I had left my old faithful red MJ flats at work, and changed into them on arrival. They’re a much closer hue than these Miss Sixty t-bars!


11 thoughts on “Coral Tuesday

  1. Oooh, pretty jewellery!

    I like this look – very chic and classic, but with a bit of oomph from the vibrant accessories. Lovely.

  2. This black and red combo looks so sharp. I love it. And the key necklace is spectacular. It reminds me of a more unique and beautiful version of the key necklaces sold by Tiffany’s.

  3. great class in that look. And I love the shoes. This is abby from the pub a couple weeks ago. I have (finally) gotten back to my computer. So I set up a blog. Please have a read and critique. Shanky shanky!

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