Forward planning: AW10 inspiration

Louis Vuitton AW10

My Autumn Winter 2010 inspiration: Louis Vuitton

I know it’s August, but there is no denying it is relatively chilly out just now. Relative to the time of year, at least… Tights and a cardi no longer cut the mustard against the breeze – this morning awaiting my bus I was positively goosebumped…

Which set me to thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and some of the key pieces that I’d like to complete my look. I have a green felted wool cloak that I bought in a charity shop two years ago and have every intention of finally getting around to a) shortening and b) lining this year. It will look lovely with my brown leather gloves and a pair of brown knee boots – very much akin to Patricia Neal’s Mrs Failenson in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (and she is, afterall, a very stylish lady dahhhling!).

In February this year I was gutted when, in a state of sleepy panic, I fled the train at Oxford without my black leather elbow-length gloves. A phone call to lost property proved fruitless, the befuzzled respondant repeating “But they’re just gloves – they’re not really a priority for us. It’s not like they’re a phone or a laptop…” despite my insistence that, yes they were just gloves, but probably cost as much as or more than your average mobile phone would. Luckily, I have another pair of black leather long gloves to fall back on, but a back-up pair is on my list, should I see any that I like.

And I am still looking for a substitute for the Louboutin Ronfifi Alta 100 button boots, should any of you come across anything similar on your travels…

Otherwise it’s muted tweeds and tartans all the way! Things I need include:

  • a replacement thick cardigan-coat (mine is looking a bit tatty)
  • a replacement black cardi (ditto above)
  • a tweed pencil skirt
  • a muted kilt
  • a high-waisted, Victoriana wool maxi skirt – on my “to make” list
  • replacement polo neck jumpers (more tattiness to be replaced)
  • brown smart shoes or boots
  • thick opaque hold-ups

Things I don’t need include:

  • another coat. But you know as well as I do that I’m going to fall in love with one at some point…
  • more black knee boots. Ditto above!!

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