I was so very sure I had slept through my stop today. Within moments of leaving Leamington Spa I had fallen into a deep slumber, featuring a dream about boiled ham and parsley sauce (I watched series 1 of Being Human last week – I blame that!) and some rather lovely 18th century dresses. When I awoke we were pulling out of a station through countryside that wasn’t immediately familiar, and a quick glance around my fellow passengers revealed none of the regulars…

Luckily, I wasn’t on my way to Reading, just tired and disoriented. We were leaving Banbury and all my regular commuting companions were in the next carriage along. All was well!


This jacket was an impulse buy while shopping with the girls earlier this year. I bought it, loved it – and never wore it. But for the current, not-quite-autumn climate, it is a perfect top layer. I must find more ways to wear it – I was thinking perhaps it needs a cardigan clasp? Or a brooch at least…


3 thoughts on “Disorientation

  1. Love love love this outift, you’ve reminded me I have a similar jacket so must go dig it out…brooch would look great with that dress 🙂

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