I fell asleep on the bus on Monday evening. Hardly shocking – it happens quite often. I was rudely awoken when a gentleman fell across my lap. He had tripped on my foot and was therefore apologising profusely.

“It’s quite alright,” I informed him, “I really shouldn’t have been asleep on a bus!”

“No, no, it’s quite a talent,” he replied, “Being able to sleep on public transport, I mean. What do you do for a living – if you don’t mind me asking…” I told him, to be met by a look of surprise. “I’m surprised by that,” he said (surprisingly!), “You look so much more like a nurse. Certainly not angular enough for editorial.”



From my vantage point on the bus this morning I saw the snazziest looking guy I’ve seen in years. He was wearing jeans and a top and converse, all neatly topped off by a simply fabulous Jacobean doublet! Narrow fitting (no puff sleeves) but with a small ruff at each cuff and the collar, in a muted, well-worn-looking shade of red. It looked so good!

Secondhand Shopper alerted readers to the return of the ruff back in January 2008, but we truly never thought we’d see them hit the high street in such a stylish way…


7 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. LOVE the dress.

    I guess I could see the “nurse” thing. Though I’m not sure what he was talking about re: your lack of angularity (angularlessness?). Does he think editors must have pointy chins or extra-sharp elbows?

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