Flights of floral fancy

Vionnet floral print skirt, €780 from My Theresa

Yup, more goodies from my regular window-shopping jaunts into designer-land…

Goodies I’ll never be able to afford. And, despite the fact that this skirt is without doubt an Emma Pillsbury classic, one I doubt our favourite guidance counsellor could ever afford either! Which is a shame, because you just know she’d pick out those violet and mustard tones like a pro!


4 thoughts on “Flights of floral fancy

  1. Oh, lordy, that is beautiful… I have my eye on a floral pencil skirt from Miss Selfridge at the moment, but now that I’ve seen this, well, it’s just not the same.

    In better news, though, guess what arrived for me from eBay today? It’s THAT green dress from Asda! It’ll have to be taken up, and I’m probably not going to get to wear it now until NEXT summer, but at least you can wear yours now without feeling my jealousy radiate through the screen at you 🙂

  2. OH MAN! I absolutely LOVE that skirt. Unfortunately, I don’t have $1000 to spend on one piece of clothing. Yes, I googled a currency converter. Otherwise, I can’t wrap my head around the cost. It is gorgeous.

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