The absent weekend

Erm, yes, I am still alive, and no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth… I’ve just had a particularly hectic few days, ‘kay? Or, if not hectic as such, certainly… internet-free!

Let’s begin on Thursday, when I was at a work away day in Iffley. We had rented out the barn attached to The Isis Farmhouse, a canalside pub in the environs of Oxford, a very pleasant 35 minute riverside walk back into town (trust me – I walked it). The barn was ok – not too warm but hardly freezing considering the complete lack of sunlight – but the food was really worth comment. The sandwiches were deep-filled – chicken mayo with grapes and cheese ploughmans with homemade chutney, all served on the tastiest freshly made bread I’ve ever eaten. Seriously, if they’d had it for sale I’d have bought a loaf on the spot. And for puds, carrot cake or (actually, and!) crumble cake – both utterly delicious. I highly recommend a trip there for the grub!

A couple of outfit shots for you – Friday and Saturday

On Friday I was up at a decent hour (that is, not 5.30am for once!) and off to the station to meet Mummy and Ben for a day trip in celebration of Mummy’s birthday. We took her to London to the V&A, and for afternoon tea at the Radisson Edwardian Vanderbilt in Kensington.We had a lovely time, and I’d like to go back to do the other half sometime – it’s so vast!

building, architecture, london

london, building architecture, paddling pool, fountain

london building architecture london building architecture

On Saturday I had agreed to cover holiday shifts at Waterstones, but I was able to work 8am-2pm, allowing Dapper to collect me at the end of the day and take me back to his for dinner and movies. We watched The Thin Man and After the Thin Man, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, on loan from Nic and Roisin. And I loved it! Such witty writing, a great whodunnit – and the chemistry between the stars makes for a fabulous on-screen relationship. They truly are a perfect couple:

The rest of the weekend – or the best of it at least – was made up of dog-walking, fruit-picking, crumble-making, movie-watching and a lot of being poured tea and fed delicious home-cooked food (cottage pie, breakfast sandwiches, sausage, beans and taters… Noms!)! I swear to goodness, without the walking I’d have come home the size of a whale!

So, I leave you with a few pics “compliments of the season” as Nick Charles so succinctly put it. Although it’s still August as yet, we’ve definitely crossed into Autumn already!

wild flora fauna fungus loaf

Nope, not a discarded loaf, but in fact a fungus

berries, british hedgerow

british countryside, flora and fauna, mushrooms, toadstools

wild damson

british countryside, fairy dell, wooded land, grounds

british countryside, fairy dell, wooded land, grounds

orchard, fly, insect

fungusm flora, wild, mushrooms, toadstools

hedgerow, oak, acorn, wasp, autumn

These acorns are displaying early stages of knopper galls, created when gall wasps lay their eggs inside the acorn for safe keeping.

fruit, raspberry, country garden

brambles, hedgerow

fruit, hedgerow, country garden cooking


One thought on “The absent weekend

  1. I love the Thin Man movies, have a huge crush on William Powell (too bad he’s long gone), and think he and Myrna make the best on screen couple of all time. 🙂

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