Pretty Poetess

It’s Ralph Lauren’s fault. He sent these beautiful, ethereal looking women in autumn tones down the AW10 catwalk and I fell in love. It is what Vogue is calling the Pretty Poetess look, and it’s one I’ll most definitely be emulating this coming season.

Funnily enough, it’s a retro 90s look in many ways that I already had my eye on. You may remember me posting in January about the 90s grunge revival, a look I’d picked out from the opening credts of US TV show Being Erica. At the time I also saved this still to my “inspiration folder” for reference:

Definitely a look I’d like to play with. So all I need is a good, floaty, autumnal maxi dress, right? How about this one, from the Monsoon Fusion range.

Fusion Flora Maxi Dress: £60

This dress has the added bonus of being a great modern take on the 30s look, with those puffed sleeves and the open back. A versatile piece for layering!

Now I just need a beanie hat!


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