Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday evening. Being a cheapskate, and knowing I have a week’s holiday booked for September, I worked out it would save me money to buy three week-long rail passes this month rather than one month-long one, and cadge a lift in with my colleague yesterday and today. This does mean than I am subject to her extraordinarily dedicated long working hours, so we didn’t even leave the office until gone 6pm. I therefore had a grand total of ten minutes to get ready and run out of the door for dinner at Pizza Express. It was a tight one, but I was only 10 minutes late in the end…

Tonight my lovely Nat is coming to stay, and we’re off to the pub for drinks with the gang. So you’ll probably end up without a post yet again… apologies in advance this time! I did take an outfit shot this morning, though, and today’s is a cracker of a dress which I’ve only worn once before – it needs a degree of body confidence I all too often find myself lacking! So check back later – I might just whack it on the top of this post, just to share!


8 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I have been a rubbish commenter lately – so I am waving vigourously!

    I LOVE that grey dress Cie, oh so flattering lovely lady 🙂

    Love, loves
    A x

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