Catching up with myself…

Yesterday’s outfit shot. None today I’m afraid!

Thank you all for your kind words about Harry. Such sympathies are greatly appreciated.

My absence has been due to yet more sickness, this time a horrible sickness bug that came on with a fever late Sunday night. I got little sleep, yet dragged myself in to work Monday feeling certain that it would pass by the end of the day. Sadly, I was mistaken, and this morning my stomach still would not countenance so much as a cup of tea. Hence a day spent in bed… This evening, however, I find myself feeling much restored, and able to keep down an egg and toast at least, with only moderate pain and nausea!

What I failed to blog over the weekend was a fabulously fun charity shopping trip with my lovely Nat, the also lovely Christie and her baby boy, Dylan! Such a sunny little boy, and a truly pretty baby – I do love their visits!

Having not been charity shopping in a while, I tackled the chore with true determination, and came away with quite a haul! I leave you with my spoils:

Treasure from Oxfam Books, £1.99 and £3.99

A vintage 70s skirt pattern, 35p
– exactly the shape of maxi skirt I’ve been wanting for winter!
And June Rose pyrex soup/porridge bowls: £1 for 5

A rather fetching hat, £5 – which I wore for the remainder of the day, it matching my outfit so very well!

Unworn green shoes, £5, and a pretty belt, £1.99

Vintage St Michael brown velvet blazer – identical to the black and blue I already own, and only £2.50!

Marks & Spencer polka dot pencil dress, £6 – the hat is from our last girly shopping trip, and I’ve been searching for a matching dress since!

Vintage long glasses, £1 for the four.


10 thoughts on “Catching up with myself…

  1. Good work on the shopping there my friend, I am impressed! Excellent spoils. I have a tray/baking dish version of those rose pyrex bowls – a find from the house clearance of a relative – and I always love looking at the pretty rose pattern. So well done!

    I hope you’re feeling better my lovely – I think your body is telling you to have a wee rest! xxxx

    • The rose pyrex is a weakness of mine – my Gran had three mixing bowls, only one of which still survives, and I have been picking up odds and ends since. I have a children’s porridge bowl, a serving dish, a gravy boat, and two dinner plates sent by one off my readers! But I have been short of decent between-sized bowls for ages!

      I think you’re right, hence taking today off… although, both Nat and Dapper have also been since I saw them on Saturday, so I’m tempted to think myself infectious!


  2. Glad you’re feeling better. Sorry to hear about your dog. H’s parents’ cat had to be put down on Monday, looks like it’s a sad week for pets all round.

    Love the blue hat!
    I have those shoes in white and they’re really comfy.
    And my mum has a serving dish in that rose pattern.

    • I think everyone’s Mum or Nan has something pyrex with the June Rose pattern – and I think I’m the only person on earth who things pyrex is fabulous and collectible!

      The shoes are very comfy, aren’t they? That was the first thing I noticed when I tried them on!


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