Darker Days

Yup, there was no denying the darkness when I woke up this morning. That’s it folks – we’re heading into winter.

I’m not strictly healthy again today, but seeing as I am no longer vomiting my guts out – and seeing as it is mailing day at work – I couldn’t really swing another much-needed day in bed. What I did swing was as long as possible sleeping-in, followed by throwing on the most comfortable outfit I could get away with, which means… no outfit shot! Sorry y’all. I promise, normal service will resume shortly.


4 thoughts on “Darker Days

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. No fun being sick. I am down with bronchitis myself, but I hope to be back in the office tomorrow.

  2. Oh feel better soon Cie – you need R&R at the moment like no-one else I know. I do my usualy of prescribing cake (if you can keep it down you poor love) Gaiman and re-runs of classic Buffy. Always does the trick 🙂

    Keep smiling lovely lady,
    A x

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