A cosy cuppa

A few weeks ago it occured to me that my pot of tea was going cold far sooner than I could get through it all. What I really needed was a tea cosy, and at some point in the future I will have to pull my finger out and actually make one…

(That is, once I’ve finished the three dresses, maxi skirt and umpteen alterations I currently have on the go…)

So, I set out loooking for pretties to inspire me. And these were some of my findings:

Oooh – applique pretties!
The Caravan Tea Cosie, £44.95, From the Wilde

Proper 40s styling – shame I can’t knit!
Knitted tea cosy, $36, Handy Little Me on Etsy

Matches the blues of my kitchen, and a great way to use some of the pretty doilies I’m loathe to part with
Vintage linens tea cosy, £10, Mini Made on Etsy

You know I love a spot of tartan this time of year…
Pink Plaid tea cosy, $35, ecozy at Etsy

I’m a sucker for a hint of fairytale magic…
Mushroom embroidered tea cosy, $25, Tabi Designs at Etsy


2 thoughts on “A cosy cuppa

  1. Those are really nice. Since I drink coffee and very little tea, are the cosies a one size fits all? I tried to find the post with the picture of your teapot, but no luck. Just curious in case I find a crochet pattern!

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