Better… and famished!

I started today feeling considerably better than I have in days. In fact, I woke up famished, which proved something of a problem, seeing as, having been unable to eat for days, I had nothing of note that was edible in the flat. Even my milk was on the turn, making my failsafe porridge option an impossible dream… Having eaten nothing more than a boiled egg yolk and a slice of toast, a banana and a small tin of tomato soup since Sunday, I figured I could last out until lunchtime. In fairness, I had no choice!

This little bug has given me the shake-up I needed with regards to my health. I’ve realised that I need to do something about it before I burn out completely. I have several potential courses of action to take, sadly all of them culminate in my having to sacrifice something that I enjoy immensely… But working 6 days a week with a 3 hour a day commute PLUS various freelance bits and other committments is running me into the ground. There has to be a better way.


One of the joys of getting a lift to and from work – aside from the avoidance of the great unwashed and the British public transport system – is the occasion it affords to wear heels without having to worry about whether I can walk in them. As such I’m making the most of this fortnight as an opportunity to break my shoes feet back into some of my winter essentials. Today, my blue patent peep toes, newly afixed with heel grips to accommodate my apparently shrinking feet. Tomorrow I’ll be indulging in a pair of calf-length, black, lace-up boots from Miu Miu donated by Lauren during her last big clear out/house move. They need a bit of wearing in to my funny narrow feet!


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