Yup, I am 100% recovered today. I know this for a number of reasons.

  1. When I got in at 6.55pm last night I didn’t crawl straight into bed. I threw on some jeans and flats and power-walked to Asda to stock my bare cupboards.
  2. I then proceeded to turn the tin full of plums from my colleague Alice’s garden into plum crumble cake, rendering their health benefits completely void in comparison to the volume of sugar and butter in the cake mix.
  3. While doing this I sang, hummed and whistled loudly to the sounds of The Last Night of the Proms 1910 programme showing on BBC4: Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves…
  4. I then took it upon myself to finally finish the sundress I started making about 4 months ago now, which has been complete but for the hem since some time in July!
  5. Despite the fact that I’d had a hectic and productive evening last night, and despite the fact it was really dark outside, I still bounced out of bed at 5.45am this morning!

This evening I’m off to Dapper Chap’s (I know – you’re all really surprised…) looking forward to good company, good food and some fab old movies to further my film education. On the menu: Bringing Up Baby, Philadelphia Story and The Maltese Falcon. Also looking forward to a jolly good lie-in!


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