All sewed up

Lookit – I made this dress! Yup, from total scratch, without a pattern nor nuthink – just an old newspaper and an existing dress from which to “draw inspiration” (read “trace a pattern”!). I even got me an old metal zip in a charity shop to echo the vintage fabric (has anyone else noticed that exposed metal zips are all the rage on the high street just now?), which, incidentally is also vintage and from a charity shop, and cost me all of £1.50 for 2 metres. Taking into account that the lace I used for embellishment and straps was a gift, that means the entire dress cost a grand total of… £1.75! Just call me Miss Thrifty!

As you can see, a certain wee pup was determined to get in on the action. She’s not mine, sadly, but Dapper Chap’s Mum’s and a savage killing machine… 😀

This is what I wore for a jaunt towards North Staffs for a house-warming party on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely evening – I ate too much barbecue and drank too much pimms, but can you think of a better way to wave farewell to our fleeting English “summer”?

And while we’re on the subject of “seasonal”, I thought you might like to see a picture of the plum crumble cake I made on Thursday night.

It didn’t turn out quite how I was hoping – the plums and crumble both sank into the cake mix, yet retained a sort of layered effect. Still, it gained me three marriage proposals, two “I think I love you”s and one “I’m SO glad you work here!” – not to mention plenty of additional praise, so I guess, visuals aside, it was still a success! And Dapper and I each enjoyed a slice warmed up with custard, which was frankly divine – so given enough plums I’ll DEFINITELY be making it again!


14 thoughts on “All sewed up

  1. It looks amazing! Well done you! I really want to learn how to do what you’ve done – a few dresses of mine are crying out to be reproduced in a variety of fabrics. I am so impressed!

    • Thank you sweetie! I made it up completely you know – lots of guess work, trial and error… There will be a blog post on smb about how I did it and which bits went very wrong… xxx

    • Thanks Amber, glad you like the dress. Funny thing is, I’m envious of people who can make their own clothes too, and always more than a little amazed when my attempts come out okay! 🙂

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