Well, this morning was very exciting! I got a lift with Clare again, leaving at 6.45am as per usual, intending to be in work for 8am. We were pootling along the M40 quite nicely when Clare decided to overtake and pulled into the fast lane – but the car decided otherwise. Suddenly, the accelerator had no pull. Clare was putting her foot down but the car? Wasn’t responding. We could do nothing but pull over three lanes of traffic onto the hard shoulder as the car dropped from 70 to 40 to 30, then crawled to a stop. It wouldn’t even cover the 1/2 mile to the next exit!

Which is how we came to be standing on a grass verge at the side of the motorway at ten past seven in the morning. But that wasn’t the end of things, oh no! You see, Clare’s car got scratched recently, and so is in the garage at present being fixed. We were in a courtesy car – which naturally meant that the breakdown cover people wouldn’t come fetch us. What we needed to do was to get in touch with the garage, but what garage is open at 7.15am on a Monday? No garage, is the simple answer!

In fairness, the garage did have an out of hours number, and the fella at the other end got the truck and came out to us as quickly as a truck so old that it predated certain seat belt laws would allow! We were only stranded verge side just under an hour – but it was a flipping cold one, I can tell you! I did severely regret leaving my coat on the bed in a fit of “I’m only going from car to office” stupidity!

I got back to Leamington just over 2 hours after I first left, at which point working from home seemed like the best option. But all in all it made for a VERY exciting morning! :S

As for my outfit, I picked up the boned 80s Laura Ashley dress in a Cowley charity shop on Friday. I love the big rectangular pockets, and the ruched bodice. It’ll be great next summer, but I wanted to get one wear out of it before I pack it away until then! And the shoes are the ones I picked up last weekend while charity shopping with the girls. So another great, cheap outfit today!


3 thoughts on “Verged

  1. Hi! I work with your mum~ (who is fab!) She sent me the link for your site after seeing your plum crumble cake. I gave her a large bag of sugar plums to take home today so you may see a reincarnation of it soon!
    When you show your gorge clothes off in all these pictures ~ can we please see your lovely eyes?!!(Gok would say “work it girl!!”) Your gorgeous so BELEIVE IT!!

    • Hi Jane,

      First things first, she is fab, isn’t she! 🙂

      Thank you for your comment – you’re too kind! I’ve got into the habit of my signature pose looking down: taking a picture every morning for 3 years now you just get into a pattern of adopting the easiest pose to get right… But I’ll try to remember to look up occasionally!

      I don’t exactly have a recipe for the cake – it was something of an experiment that I felt needed work, but my colleagues felt (quite strongly) shouldn’t be messed with!

      It was based roughly on an 8oz/4 eggs cake base (with a spoonful of plum jam stirred in for moistness), enough chopped plums to cover the top, and crumble made up using 125g self raising flour, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 75g butter and 75g demerara sugar. I would say that the cinnamon is what really ties the flavours together… though in a future experiment I’m also going to add some custard powder to the base.

      Anyway, enough of my jabber! You can also see my plum tart and chutney recipes here:

      Caroline x

  2. All’s well for tomorrow, Caroline. The car’s back – hooray! Well, the garage dropped off my keys. I’m presuming the car is somewhere nearby. See you bright and early.

    By the way – you didn’t mention today’s shoes. They looked great!

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