Return to the old ways

On Saturday I wore wrist gloves. While dressing, I explained to Dapper that I’d been inspired to do so by Mad Men, by the Louis Vuitton 2010 fall collections, by Gail Carriger and by a general desire to dress more thoughtfully on weekends. I have also been inspired by Dapper himself – he doesn’t blink when people stop and stare at his smart appearance, so why am I so often self-conscious when I wear a hat or gloves in public?

Then we went out for the day, drew a few odd looks in the local town and secondhand bookshop, attended a party and came home again, just in time to catch a clip of this lovely lady, the amazing Melody Gardot, on BBC2. We neither of us knew who she was, but were so blown away by her voice and style that I made it my mission to find out.

While we were watching, we started discussing the rise of such “real musicians” in context with the return of vintage style and traditional values, and the parallels to be drawn between them. And Dapper wondered, is this the end of the silly era? Are real values coming back into vogue?

Let’s hope so!


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