Wishing and wanting…

This time of year there are so many pretty bits in the shops, I end up coveting everything I see! Here are some of the lovelies I spotted on my travels through internet-land this weekend:

Oh come on… it’s green, it’s cosy-looking, it’d look fantastic with knee boots… they created this dress to tempt me, didn’t they?!
Dark green cable knit dress, £30, Dorothy Perkins

Boots exactly like these! Which I really really neeeeeeeed!
But I don’t have a spare £250 lying around.
Do you have a spare £250 lying around? I’ll pay you back (maybe)!
Damask brown leather over-the-knee boots,, £250, Duo

Wowsers – talk about a statement jacket! This would look great over a shift dress, or with this season’s smart, grown-up trousers – add a black polo neck or a Katherine Hepburn blouse for smart, vintage flair!
Textured double breast jacket, £399, Jaeger

I’ve always had a soft spot for taffeta, ever since I wasn’t allowed to play fancy dress in my Mum’s green taffeta ball gown as a little girl! That was such a beautiful ball gown, and probably in part to blame for my green dress obsession…
Black Taffeta skirt, 250 £99, Jaeger

Wouldn’t this look pretty with dolly shoes and tights for autumn, and boots and a snug cardi for winter? I LOVE the floral and sheer polka dot combination, and the lace trim…
Crêpe voile floral dress, £39, Promod

Dolly shoes like these!
Which, it just so happens, will be mine by this time next week! 🙂
Footglove leather cut-out high heel dolly shoes, £39.50, Marks and Spencer


8 thoughts on “Wishing and wanting…

    • Dotty P have a 25% off on until Monday if you want to get in quick – you can print a coupon to use in store (cheapest option, assuming they have the dress there) or use a voucher at checkout. It’s all on the MSE forums!

      I *might* have ordered the plum version yesterday lunchtime… Tried it on in store first, and it is just so soft and cosy!


  1. I’ve seen those M&S shoes too! I’ve been quietly lusting after them for aaaaaaaaages – and you can even get them in a 9 for people with long toes like me. I may have to cave.

    • Heee – then we can be shoe buddies! 😀 I must admit, I saw them, tried them on and fell completely in love within the space of about 20 minutes. We were supposed to be buying birthday boots for my Mum… xx

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