40s fit ‘n’ flair

That’s all.
Velvet dress, £55, Oasis.


10 thoughts on “40s fit ‘n’ flair

    • See, I LOVE velvet – it’s a weakness! But I’m picky about it – I like 100% cotton velvets, or silk-blends where possible… I would have to see this dress in person to make sure it’s not cheapy crap. Also, I detest crushed velvet and velour!

      • I’m the same. Love it when it’s done well, but so often it’s stretchy and cheap looking soI tend to avoid.

        I had a 1970s velvet blazer that my gran gave me when I was about 14 that I was still wearing at University. It was a very short pile, almost moleskin, and fit like a dream. I wore until it fell apart – the lining was completely shredded by the time I finally had to give in. I’ve tried to find a replacement ever since (including a few years ago when YSL did a ribbon tie blazer that everyone copied – always too soft and squishy) but to no avail. I did spot a lovely short blazer in New Look today though. May have to investigate further!

      • Hi.. am looking this velvet dress size 12 or and even in red or and black but no idea if i could find one.. but is it possible to find even second hand?

  1. Oh wow – and they have a bright red jersey version too: I think I may have just found tomorrow’s Dress of the Day!

    (Also, have to second Lauren: that dress is SO you!)

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