Plum dreams

Earlier this week, a quick bank balance check revealed that I was £50 better off than I thought I was. Usually this £50 would go into my seriously low-level saving account, but on this occasion, it being my birthday next week and all, I decided otherwise. Taking advantage of the Dorothy Perkins VIP 25% discount week, I treated myself to some new autumn clothes.

A couple of years ago my Mum bought me some lovely plum-toned suede boots for my birthday, and I’ve had a bit of a purple obsession at this time of year for a while now. So, imagine how excited I was to spot this lovely maxi dress reduced to £12 in the sale! It’s perfect for wearing this autumn to recreate a wearable take on the pretty poetess look I was coveting at the start of the month, and reminds me very much of one of the beautiful 70s maxi dresses I inherited from Mummy in the early 90s and have regretted chopping up ever since…

And the other item? A plum knitted mini dress, which I could link to (and have to the green version), but would prefer to save for its first outing. Because this one wasn’t in the sale, I tried it on in store to find the right size (16 was too sack-like, if you’re considering a purchase), then ordered online to take advantage of the discount code (though there is actually a printable voucher for in store use)! It is also available in grey as well as the green, and so soft I am desperately coveting both for the cold winter months!


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