Against my better judgment

As a rule I tend to shy away from animal prints.
But there are exceptions to every rule, and this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress is one such exception.

I fell in love with this dress (or a variation on it) in the window of Cruise in Newcastle upon Tyne’s Princes Square, three years ago, back in the days when I had to walk past it every single morning on my way to work. And now it is taunting me from The Outnet website, reduced from £284 to £170.40 – still beyond my means!

I think it’s the cut that I like rather than the fabric or colour (although I can’t help thinking that particular shade of tan beige would work wonderfully alongside my colouring…). So I’m now wondering… is a project in order?


4 thoughts on “Against my better judgment

  1. I used to hate leopard print, seriously hate it but this time around I am loving it. I bought leopard print tights the other day and am having to hold myself back from further purchases before I wake up one day and have morphed into Bet Lynch.

    That is a great dress.

  2. I think Vivienne Westwood can do no wrong. If she made a dress from bin bags I’d probably still want it! I actually have a Vivienne Westwood anglomania bustier which is EXACTLY the same shape as the top of this dress, so if you wanted to borrow it to draw up a pattern…..

  3. I absolutely love this dress – it and the Monroe dress (in green, natch) are amongst her best creations, I think, and I also like the animal print, although I never would have thought I’d say that – normally I love leopord on shoes, but not on clothes. I’ve actually seen a couple of animal print dresses and pencil skirts recently (subtle prints, I hasten to add) that I’ve really quite liked, so I reckon when it’s done well it can be amazing.

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