Lucky day

I think today was indeed my lucky day. I was certain beyond doubt that I would fail in my attempts to get things tied up at work, but somehow, just 15 minutes after four o’clock I was able to walk out of the door. I confess, I do have some bits to tie up on Sunday night – tweets to schedule, etc – but the bulk of my work was completed. At 3pm I was presented by the most beautiful bunch of pink roses and a bottle of pink fizzy (how did they know?!) by my colleagues, and the lovely Alice had baked cupcakes (peaches and cream, and chocolate hazelnut – I had one of each and both were scrumptious!) When you’re the resident baker it’s so nice to be baked for on occasion!

On twitter I follow AspireStyle – they have stores in Warwick, Stratford and Oxford, and I’m often tempted to pop into the Stratford one while on a Waterstones break, or the Oxford on my way to the station… Today they had a Retweet to win comp going on, and although I never, ever win on these things, I entered – and won!! This little pretty is all mine!

And then I got on the train, squeezed into a seat with my frankly enormous bunch of flowers – and found a shiny 50 pence piece on the floor! I felt like Charlie Bucket! πŸ˜€


One thought on “Lucky day

  1. That is in indeed a mightily lucky day! How adorable is that wash-bag, you lucky thing you! You deserve to be spoiled with cakes and fizz though – I understand what you mean when it’s nice to be baked for when you’re the baker; as I so rarely get sewn for! πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your birthday week my lovely (yep, a week – I feel as we both approach years starting witha 3, we will need weeks to celebrate/commiserate the fact!)

    A x

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