Going home

I’m going home for a few days to celebrate my 30th with my parents, so don’t fret if you don’t hear from me… I have a few posts lined up for you, but there’ll be little in the way of outfit shots over the coming days.

Actually, I have a few days of fun planned! This evening I am going to my Nat‘s for the night, and we are going out for lunch tomorrow. Then I’m off home for a couple of nights – and on Thursday, my actual birthday, I have coffee with my Dad and Step-Mum, then an afternoon with Mummy and dinner with Mummy and Pete. On Friday I’ll be back to open the growing pile of presents and cards in my living room, and to celebrate Roisin‘s birthday too!

But my birthday fun actually started last night, with an amazing tapas dinner courtesy of my lovely Kate. She took me to Catalan in Warwick, where we were beyond impressed by both food and service. To begin with, she had booked a table but not mentioned it was my birthday. She then tweeted that she was taking me out for a birthday dinner. Catalan picked up on her tweet and prepared Happy Birthday sprinkles to decorate the table!

On arrival they were expecting us (which you might expect from a booking, but frankly isn’t always the case!) and the entire staff were friendly and helpful throughout. We ordered 7 tapas dishes, all of which were delicious, though the lamb meatballs were my personal favourites – served in a creamy sauce with slithered almond and simply divine! When it came to puddings I ordered the orange tart with chocolate sauce, an absolute delight. Kate was as surprised as I when it arrived on a large slate, the words “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate sauce, a HUGE sparkler on the side and the staff singing to me. As they left the waitress informed me my tart was a gift from Catalan.

So overall, an amazing meal and fantastic service – I highly recommend a visit!


4 thoughts on “Going home

  1. *makes note of that one*

    Amazing! Seriously, it’s incredible how many restaurants ignore good manners and service, when it is exactly that which means you recommend it to others!

    Enjoy your birthday treats 😀

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