Award ceremonies

I’m not very good at the whole meme/awards thing, but having been given two awards in the last week, I felt I really should pass them on…Also, both require 7 facts about me, so I’m cheating somewhat and combining the two here!

So, firstly, lovely lovely Roisin over at Dolly Clackett gave me the Beautiful Blogger award:

I’m so, so pleased Roisin bugged me until I finally made time to meet up with her, as she has had such an impact on my social life here in Le Spa. Through her I have met some truly wonderful people, people whom after just a few months of meeting felt an integral part of my life, and make me wonder what I’d do without them. Roisin is, of course, one of these people – she’s funny and smart, and beautiful, and a fabulously stylish to boot! And her self-taught dress-making skills are immense!

Secondly, The Versatile Blogger award from lovely and talented sew make believe member, Tina of Driftwood Dreaming:

My seven facts…

  1. Like Roisin, I hate talking on the telephone – HATE it. Dread device. I’d much rather talk face to face, or email someone.
  2. I have had an enormous variety of jobs, including work in an industrial laundry, in a sandpaper factory, as a dinner lady, as a storyteller, in hospitality, in warehouses, in a museum, in an art gallery, and serving lunch to truckers on the M6!
  3. I have also worked for all the major emergency services in one capacity or another – for the NHS, the ambulance service, the fire department and at Staffordshire Police HQ. Largely in a tea-making capacity, it is true, although at the ambulance service I was a cleaner!
  4. The two jobs I have enjoyed and missed more than any other are bookselling and waitressing. I love to work in a customer-facing role.
  5. I LOVE to receive flowers! My favourite flowers are daffodils and tulips. I like wild or garden flowers best of all.
  6. But I HATE carnations. This is purely because they were my Granddad’s favourites, and so associated in my mind with visiting his grave. I find them morbid and insipid.
  7. I collect hats. I always think this is general knowledge, then realise how shocked people are when I tell them… Last count I had over 150, some modern, some vintage, some positively antique! Fewer than a quarter of the whole get worn regularly.

Like Amber, I’m going to pass on the whole “passing it on” element, and say that if you’re a reader and a blogger, TAG! YOU’RE IT!

(Particularly if you blog at all five horizons, the writer side of life, mad yankee, A Typical Atypical, Elemental Grace, Munchkin Mail, Wonderland Boutique, Zoe’s Crafts… )


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