My 30th birth-week: Part The First

Well guys, I do believe I owe you the mother of all make-up blog posts… and boy are you going to get it!

Firstly, I do actually have several outfit shots from last week. But in the interests of not bombarding you with an inordinate number of images, I’ll be scheduling these as “style bites” to appear over the next few mornings. Instead this post is going to be about all the lovely gifts and special moments I’ve been privileged to receive and enjoy over the last week. Starting where I left off, last Tuesday!

Flowers and fizz from my colleagues

So, Tuesday morning I packed up several days’ worth of stuff and took myself off to Sutton to pay for the party venue for Saturday night. Nat met me at the pub and escorted me back to hers, where she and Steve treated me to curry, presents and Only Connect on the iplayer. (If you’re British, like game shows, and haven’t seen Only Connect, get thee to the iplayer this instant and enjoy!) My chicken tikka tawa was really tasty, and as well as the beautiful gifts shown below I received and promptly quaffed a lovely bottle of pink fizz from Erika and Andrew!

Vintage 60s sweater clips!

Ruby shoe!

Gin from Steve!

Beautiful cake stand from Nat’s Mum!

On Wednesday, I had a lie in before crawling into bed beside Nat for a cosy brekkie in front of Gilmore Girls. We eventually peeled ourselves up, and I caught the train back to Stafford to my Mum’s.

I was awoken bright and early Thursday morning with these:

Beautiful (and comfortable) shoes

And this:

A proper vintage Kenwood mixer!

I took myself into town to do a spot of shopping before meeting my Dad and Lorraine for coffee at the Soup Kitchen, and had a most successful day in the charity shops:

More lovely shoes

Pencil skirt – one half of a very Jackie O skirt suit

Reversible camel, navy and red wool skirt – how cool is that!

After coffee we had a mooch about a few charity shops, then it was back to Mummy’s for lunch, a quick scoot to town again to visit the bank, then a brief visit to my not-really-an-aunty Aunty Dot’s for a cup of tea and a catch-up. Aunty Dot’s house still feels like a treasure trove to me – she too is a hoarder of all things old and pretty, and has more collections than – well, than I do! Plates, boxes, Victoriana… there are spice tins and mangles and carpet beaters and beautiful old books at every turn!

On Thursday evening, Ben drove over and we all went to Spice Island in Stafford for an utterly divine curry. A few mishaps aside (not long after entering I found myself drenched in red wine, and not through any fault of mine!) it was a lovely meal, extraordinarily tasty. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area – and with main meals BOGOF, it’s bargainous too!

Retro-style telephone (yes, I will soon have a landline!) from Ben.

Also from Ben, a gorgeous tea cosy to match my blue theme
and dainty embroidery scissors.from the V&A

And then it was back to Leamington to a pile of cards and presents!

Beautiful necklace made by the lovely Amy at Wonderland Boutique

I know you’re dying to read about the weekend and my amazing party, but you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of my outfit, and feel free to satisfy your curiosity over at Nat’s blog, The Writer Side of Life.


4 thoughts on “My 30th birth-week: Part The First

  1. After reading this post I:

    1. considered buying more sweaters just to feel justified in then buying clips for said sweaters

    2. considered getting a landline for the fun of having a retro red telephone.

    Wonderful gifts. Happy birthday!

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