My 30th birth-week: Part The Second

Ok, let’s continue where we left off…

I had a lazy day Friday, with much catching up on the sleep I’ve been missing nightly over the past 8 months. In the evening I was joined by Dapper Chap, who presented me with some highly appropriate gifts!

And we went into town for a Mexican meal in celebration of Roisin’s birthday, which was on Saturday.

After some yummy and very filling fajitas we all retired to the Somerville as usual, where chatter, cake and general merriment ensued. It was a really lovely night, I believe thoroughly enjoyed by all!

More gifts – hot pink leather gloves to match my purple winter coat, from Carys and N; a scarf to match my red crocheted beret, knitted by Roisin’s fair hand, alongside some beautiful fat quarters and a stunning book-shaped locket; the Katherine Hepburn collection from Nic, to help further my education!

On Saturday we had a complicated day of getting stuff ready for the party, getting ourselves ready for the party, setting up the PA, sorting out food… none of which would have been remotely possible without the much- appreciated help of Dapper Chap and my lovely Nat. I am indebted to them for such a spectacular evening.

My lovely Nat and I

I am also indebted to Rich for the loan of his PA and for making me a playlist; to Steve, for transferring said playlist onto Nat’s ipod for me; and to Cath for letting us fetch and deliver the system from hers, even though she was suffering a particularly nasty head cold! However, poorly sick Cath aside, I think everyone had a good night, which I’m hoping goes a little way towards thanking them…

Gorgeous Sarah and Kawika

Beautiful Nat and a very handsome Steve

My baby brothers and I

Lauren had made me an utterly delicious cake (chocolate and sweet potato – it was amazing!) and I was so touched that everyone had put in so much effort to be there with me.

More beautiful gifts!
The candle smells divine, and that capelet was hand-crocheted by Alysa!

Every single person looked fantastic – even the barman had dressed up –  and the venue provided the perfect backdrop for the theme.

There was dancing, and my favourite moment, an a capella rendition of  Sweet Caroline, followed by “let’s see how many hats we can balance on Caroline’s head”. I put Johnny Two Hats to shame!

Overall I couldn’t have asked for more – an utterly splendid night, and the start of many happy 30ths to come!


3 thoughts on “My 30th birth-week: Part The Second

  1. I’m so glad you had such a good time! We did too, and it was lovely to share the evening with you. The crochet cape looks just as pretty on you as I’d hoped 🙂

  2. It was a lovely party, we had a great time and of course it’s always good to have an excuse to glam up. Was great to meet you, and hopefully we’ll meet again soon. x

  3. Everyone looks absolutely incredible – it’s like the ultimate best dressed party! I’m still upset I didn’t get to crack out my beloved corset 😦

    What an absolutely lovely collection of presents – and it would seem everyone knows you fairly well, I think! It’s a material testament to how lovely everyone knows you are my darling.

    Lots of love xxxx

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