Ceiling soup!

Ok, so not quite ceiling, but certainly cupboard door and counter-top soup!

On Monday I nipped out to the local supermarket for lunch. I enquired amongst my team whether anyone needed anything, and my boss-lady said she’d like some New Covent Garden soup – Lebanese lentil and chickpea flavour if they had it. It sounded divine, and before handing it over on my return, I had a quick squiz at the ingredients. I decided that I’d quite like to try my hand at making some lentil and chickpea soup – especially seeing as, save for fresh coriander (that’s cilantro to my friends across the pond), I knew I had the majority of ingredients in my store cupboard.

I did a bit of research, looking into various recipes via google, and eventually decided to roughly follow the BBC Good Food Red lentil, chickpea and chilli recipe.

All went well until it came to blending the soup. You see, I melted my blender the last time I made chilli jam. I had been donated a replacement blender/juicer/smoothie maker, which had sat unused in the cupboard under the kitchen sink for several months. It was time to crack out the newbie…

Yup, turns out a simple kitchen appliance is beyond my abilities. I *thought* I had fitted everything together correctly. I poured in my soup in good faith, believing the assertion on the side of the container that, unless locked into place, the blender would not switch on. I even ignored the dribble of soup liquid escaping the nozzle, choosing instead to stick a container underneath to catch the drips…

And then I hit the switch.

Yup, you guessed right. Soup on the work tops, Soup on the cupboard doors. Soup on the stove top and in the sink. Soup all over the tiles.

No soup on the ceiling, as my ceilings are high, and the blender, not that powerful!

Ah well, I did still get several distinctly tasty lunches out of it. And I now have an exceedingly clean kitchen!


5 thoughts on “Ceiling soup!

  1. I’d been wondering what to do with the bag of lentils in my cupboard which disappointingly hadn’t turned themselves into dhal as was the original intention! I’ve just made this soup to have for lunch tomorrow with my friend and it’s scumdiddlyumptious! Thank you for the recipe. Your nutella cake is a favourite of Anthonys. x

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