Sweater shop

Sea fan sweater, Anthropologie, £118

I spotted this Sea Fan Sweater on wwepw and fell head over heels. I love a good belted cardigan, and this one has a vaguely Victorian feel to it (cardigan-ness aside!). I’ve actually been looking for knitwear this week, wanting some twinset or 40s styles, perhaps with puffed or gathered sleeves, in navy, camel and red to match my charity-shop-find reversible skirt. So far I have drawn a blank on camel, somewhat confusingly, seeing as everyone is hailing it as the colour of the season!

I do love these, though. Most of which are outside my pre-set budget, of course…

Seagull embroidered cardigan, £55, Laura Ashley

Heath Feather cardigan, £89 and Holly Walk cardigan, £69, both NW3 at  Hobbs

It did occur to me that vintage or handmade might be a good way to stay within budget, and Etsy provided some great possibilities including:

Darling Blue vintage sweater, £11.33 from Dry Salvages,
Red and navy sweater, £93.85 from Fashionable Knitting

And then I remembered how knowledgeable twitter folkses are, so I asked if anyone on there had any suggestions. From whence Fleur directed me to Rocket Originals:

Cotton mix nautical sweater, £30,
Blue and white square neck sweater, £45

Finally, while hunting down funky wellies (it has rained A LOT in Oxford this week!) I found these cardigans, not even close to my required colour scheme, but absolutely perfect in every other respect:

(click on images to enlarge)

Pencarrow cardigans from Joules, in maroon, soft grey or
my personal favourite, caramel.

After all that, I’m no better off for sweaters themselves – but I am spoilt for choice when it comes to potential sources. It’s a darned good job tomorrow is payday!


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