Yesterday and today – to bring you up to date!

It was truly dark when I left for work this morning. As I walked to ASDA last night the air smelled unmistakably of Halloween (nope, I have no idea exactly what Halloween actually smells like either, although I have a feeling it combines bonfires with popcorn and possibly the smell of comfort food cooking – sausages, gravy, etc.  Either way, Halloween was in the air, ‘kay?). And today I was really cold on the bus. Which can only mean one thing: September is drawing to a close and autumn is officially upon us.

So, naturally, I’m tackling the impending winter blues with all the gusto of a newly turned 30-something with birthday money to spend. Cue plenty of window shopping for pretties I can’t really afford, but feel flush enough to at least look at!

No doubt you’re aware of my window shopping by now, particularly seeing as I seem to be sharing my web finds with you on a daily basis. But as well as providing excellent blog fodder, the shopping has given me ample opportunity to expand upon my AW10 essentials shopping list. Last time we visited it looked like this:

  • a replacement thick cardigan-coat (mine is looking a bit tatty)
  • a replacement black cardi (ditto above)
  • a tweed pencil skirt
  • a muted kilt
  • a high-waisted, Victoriana wool maxi skirt – on my “to make” list
  • replacement polo neck jumpers (more tattiness to be replaced)
  • brown smart shoes or boots
  • thick opaque hold-ups

Now, we can remove the muted kilt and the high-waist maxi skirt from the list (charity shop reversible number  and ebay find respectively), and thick opaque hold-ups are an ongoing purchase in which I’m investing slowly but surely. In their place I’d like to add:

  • 40s style sweaters
  • a short cable-knit cardi, in red or navy (or caramel)
  • a camel fine-knit top
  • a Scandi-influenced chunky knit top or cardi
  • a red velvet dress
  • red wellies

Which, in fairness, makes the list longer rather than shorter… but never mind!


4 thoughts on “Updating

  1. Definitely a new fan of yours! Not feeling the red tights tho huney. Blk quite hard without a splash of colour nearer your face. (still look gorg though)

  2. camamity jane: thanks for the feedback! Must admit to being a bit of a coloured opaques fan – as I feel they give the boost of colour to an outfit. And regarding the black and white – difficult to pull of monochrome with a third colour in the mix… 😀 The dress was polka dot, which doesn’t show up well in the realy morning, pre-dawn light, so not as unflattering in real life (I hope!) 🙂

    Mummy: Yup, I think it’s your fault I like coloured tights so much! And I’ve got my eye on several pairs of red wellies too…


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