“very” lovely

Holly Willoughby Military Coat, £79, very.co.uk

I warned you that this would happen. Every year I tell myself I have more than enough coats, and every year I fall in love with yet another. I stumbled across this one while browsing the very website for knitwear. I accidentally hit “coats and jackets” and accidentally scrolled through a few pages and before I knew it I was slavvering over this beauty, thinking about how I don’t own a blue coat…

(Which sounds a very similar argument to the one behind my buying a purple coat last winter, n’est-pas?)


2 thoughts on ““very” lovely

  1. I’ve seen that one! Isn’t it a beauty? I have to say, I also like the pencil skirt she’s done with the lace waistband, and there are some tres cute tea dresses!

    Also, always get it from Very – Littlewoods often charge ten or twenty pounds more for the same item!

    • I was thinking I can really see you in a lot of the Holly W stuff – but then she does go for that very sexy curvaceous looks that suits you so well, so I guess it shouldn’t be too great a surprise!

      There are actually several “very” items on my watch list just now – I’ve got them all bookmarked for potential future posts! 😀 xx

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