All dressed up with somewhere to go…

This outfit – seamed stockings aside – is 100% charity shop – shoes, dress, wrap and bag! Dapper took the shots – it’s rather grand having a photographer on hand!

This weekend has been very relaxing and as a result very little has been accomplished! Well, we did succeed in watching a spot of telly and listening to a lot of CDs… and drinking A LOT of tea…

As a result I have only Saturday night’s outfit to share with you, worn for lovely Helen’s 30th birthday bash at Kenilworth Cricket club. There was cake, champagne, food and dancing – much fun was had by all!


9 thoughts on “All dressed up with somewhere to go…

  1. Hi,
    Wow, absolutely love the outfit!
    I’ve always been a big fan of the second hand/charity shops in Kenilworth, where are the best ones to go to in Leamington – I don’t know the area particularly well so haven’t got around to finding them yet.

    • Hi Fay,

      A few people have asked me about Leamington Charity shops, and I have been threatening to write a round-up post for some time… perhaps this will give me the kick.

      As to which are best – depends what you’re after!

      For clothes from decent brands, I find the Cancer Research (out of the back entrance to House of Fraser) very good – bits of Ted Baker, Karen Millen, etc occasionally put in an appearance.

      BHF on Regent Street (opposite the side wall of River Island) are also pretty good for the likes of Coast, Monsoon and so forth.

      But I tend not to shop for these kinds of names, so I prefer Myton Hospice shop up on Warwick Street – better for more old-lady-ish stuff like vintage Jaeger, great for tweedy bits and hats, shoes, boots and bric-a-brac. I’ve had some lovely vintage fabric from there too, £1 for a 2 metre length.

      And if you like retro and vintage furniture, The Red Cross shop on Regent Street is great for interiors bargains. I’ve seen art deco drinks cabinet, endless vintage dressing tables, and I got my 40s gentleman’s wardrobe from there too (complete with mirror, tie rack, clothes brush hook and a small pull-out drawer for cuff links etc which is perfect for my excess of gloves!

      Does that help at all?


  2. Caroline,
    Thank you, that helps loads actually – especially as I’ve got to dress 50s for a play I’m doing next week, and have all the outfit except the hat (ebay and Amazon being of no help, and no luck in Kenilworth!)
    I used to work next to a charity shop when I was in Doncaster, and used to go there almost every lunchtime – no such luck now though so Saturday morning will have to suffice!
    Wish me luck

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