I think today’s outfit might have been more than a little influenced by last evening’s Downton Abbey – the pre-WWI, high-waisted narrow A-line maxi skirt, wide belt and lace-up boots all reek of Titanic-era style. I chose to wear my key necklace in acknowldgement of this fact – as a nod to the housekeepers of days past with their bunches of keys at the hip.

One of the downsides of gettng lifts to and from work is the lack of “entertaining” (ahem) public transport anecdotes to share. This doesn’t mean the world suddenly has manners, just that I’m not encountering the worst of humanity on a daily basis. Last week, for example, I took the train on one day only, and on that day I was:

  • barged out of the way so that a suited businesswoman could board the train first – despite the fact that, at 7am, the carriages are always more or less empty, and the platform only holds a handful of people;
  • driven to distraction by a middle-aged man in a big silver car who clearly clocked me standing at the pedestrian crossing and rolled forward so that his car was blocking the entirety of the gap in the railings, thus stopping me from crossing the road when the green man put in an appearance, and forcing me to push the button a second time and wait once more for the lights to change. By which time he was all of about 20 feet further along the road than before;
  • forced to perch on the very edge of the seat on the way home, as the young man next to me spread his legs as widely as he possibly could across both sides;
  • hit in the face by several wet umbrellas as commuters made their way along the aisles – I’m lucky still to have both eyes!

So, you can rest assured that the scum of the earth are still at large: I just don’t have the joy of meeting them twice daily any longer! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. That outfit makes you look really very tall! I don’t know how you keep your cool with so many rude people, rudeness drives me mad and I usually end up saying something, like last week when I was crossing a road on a pedestrian crossing and the guy in the car kept edging forward intimidatingly… Harumph!

    • It makes me beyond furious – that’s why I don’t mind taking longer to get home by car, because at least I don’t have to deal with endless rude people. I know people say road rage is an issue, but it’s somehow not nearly as offensive to me when I can swear at them from within the confines of a metal box…

    • Ooh – I am loving the subtle, class-based humour, so I might ask to borrow those! I have a bazillion others (of yours!) to plough through first though, so don’t give them to me just yet! xx

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