Going back in time

It’s really coat weather now, so I thought you might like a reminder of my lovely Laura Ashley number. Still as lovely as ever!

Last night, my friend Simon and I went to see Back to the Future at the cinema! Yes, for the 25 year anniversary they have digitally remastered the movie and we watched it in glorious widescreen technicolour at the Odeon in Coventry. The cinema was actually quite quiet, but I grinned like a fool throughout, and even shed a little tear when George finally plucked up the courage to deck Biff – all for the woman he loved! See, you can’t beat a good romance, even when it’s dressed up as a cheesy Hollywood time-traveling blockbuster!

Great clothes too – Lorraine in particular (played by Lea Thompson) gets some stunning outfits! So I’ll leave you with some stills…


5 thoughts on “Going back in time

  1. Mmmm delicious coaty goodness! I think we may be going to see Back to the Future in the Electric at the weekend. I love Lea Thompson, she is so cute! Oh also, just in the interests of sharing knowledge (and not for purposes of temptation) Laura Ashley have brought out your coat again this autumn, in a very fetching dark teal green. This is one for a sale shop though as the price made my eyes water!

    • I know – have already clocked it!! Seeing as I got this one on sale I’m hoping post-Chrsitmas pennies might do the same magic stretching job this year… 🙂

      Although there’s still a part of me that thinks even on sale it would be more expensive that the immensely more practical navy Holly Willoughby number I blogged last week! xx

      • It is nice! A Wear is really good – for ages, I think they were only in Ireland but I think they have a concession in Selfridges in the Bullring. My favourite ever scarf came from A Wear in Dublin, but sadly it was left on the back of a chair in a cafe, never to be seen again! Their sales are excellent so it’s worth bookmarking the site x

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