On beauty

I don’t usually go in much for beauty reviews here on secondhand shopper, largely because, well, I’m not very experimental with my make-up. I have sworn by Estee Lauder moisturiser and concealer since my early 20s, and have stuck rigidly beside Rimmel liquid eyeliner since my mid teens. My mascara has always been a freebie – usually Estee Lauder too, if I’m honest – with the occasional emergency Maybelline or Benefit purchase along the way always proving ill-advised (I have very sensitive eyes). I like my Benetint, my Nars coral-toned cream blusher… and buy whatever make of lipstick is available in the shade I like most. And that, really, sums up my make-up bag in its entirety!

But, then I saw an interview – I can’t even remember what on – on which a presenter asked a young starlet I didn’t really recognise about her make-up. She mentioned that she was wearing Max Factor’s False Lash Effect mascara, with no falsies or insetrs whatsoever, and I almost dropped the remote control in surprise. I promtly went out to buy myself a tube, half expecting to be disappointed with the results…

I wasn’t. I love the stuff. It does exactly what it says on the tube – gives the effect of false lashes without any of the fiddly, glue-based irritation. Genius!

I should note here, that I am lucky enough to have quite long lashes. They are not especially thick or plentiful, but when coloured usually provoke comments along the lines of “Golly – your lashes are actually twice as long as I thought!” – because they’re blond, they often disappear against my fair skin. I readily acknowledge that I am blessed in the lash length department; still, no mascara has ever had this effect on my eyes before. And certainly not after just one coat!

So, in conclusion, I give this product a four star rating (out of five, natch) and recommend you splash out. After all, a good mascara for under a tenner is hard to find!

NOTE: In an unfortunate coincidence, my hotmail was hacked today, sending out emails to  everyone I know packed full of recommendations based on my very own, recent “intoxicating” experiences. These included “recommends” for Benefit bronzer, Chinese dresses, wallets and stylish clothes like my friend “weared”. To clarify, those were NOT my recommendations. This post IS one! 🙂


5 thoughts on “On beauty

  1. Ah, interesting, definitely worth considering. I am using that Rimmel Lash Accelerator one. I thought it would be a gimmick, but whilst the Mascara effect is average, my lashes are actually thicker and long now than before. It is really weird to watch their quality getting better and better!

    Must be Mascara Month!

  2. I also have painfully sensitive eyes. I’ve always found Estee Lauder makes them sting but Maybelline, Avon & Lancome work well for me. I won’t experiment beyond that.

  3. There are only 3 mascaras worth what they cost; this one, Max Factor Masterpiece Max and Diorshow. The latter is about £20, but t is absolutely incredible at lengthening, volumising and just giving you that movie star look.

    I personally am forever faithful to my beloved Max Factor. Others may come and go, and Max Factor never lets me down when I want to have long lashes – it really is worth the hype. I can also recommend layering Masterpiece with False Lash Effect if you’re not a fan of your shorter lashes – like me!

    This comes from someone who had tried practically every mascara going. Seriously. I can be trusted on my recommendations!

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