Things wot I bought

Online shopping is a bit of a temptation at the best of times. On a slow day in the office (or, as in today’s case, a day so hectic it requires an actual break from work to get the ol’ grey cells ticking again…) the presence of so many online outlets can prove fatal.


Today I spent a grand total of £137. Yup, you read that right. Nope, I don’t have that kind of money to spend. Hear me out, ‘kay?

The first £77 of the grand total was spent at CSN Stores, whom I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago. They had very kindly sent me a £75 voucher to splash out in any of their online retail outlets, and unsurprisingly, I had chosen the cookware. So, technically £2 lighter of wallet, I will soon be the proud owner of a proper jam/preserving pan, and a Le Creuset pie dish and soup bowls in teal blue.

Pretty, huh?

Do you remember my post about this beautiful Miss Selfridge maxi dress – so very Regency, but too costly at £55? Well, it was reduced to £25 in the sale, which was just too great a bargain to miss out on. Even with the £5 p&p. Particularly as the entirety of this was covered by last week’s ebay sales via my PayPal account (remember how we discussed that this wasn’t real money??). I’ve got my eye on a few nude or blush toned lace body tops to wear underneath this autumn.

And then there was that tweet about 20% off at Dorothy Perkins’ online store. Which was all the excuse I needed to splash out on the green knitted jumper dress I’ve been coveting ever since I bought, wore and fell in love with the purple version. Unfortunately, there was only £11 left in my paypal account by this point. which means the dress itself (plus p&p) actually cost me in actual real cash from my bank account. But only a grand total of £19. Which isn’t bad, considering the wear I’m likely to get out of it!

Now, if I could only find a way to justify those Duo boots, all would be right with the world!


5 thoughts on “Things wot I bought

    • Oh I know – I plan to use these, not for soup, but for making individual pot pies with puff pastry lids… I’ve always wanted some Le Creuset – I have a gorgeous pestle and mortar Nat bought me, but had nothing else until now…

      I would have blown all £75 on the stuff if I hadn’t failed in my recent attempts at jelly-making! xx

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