Heritage chic

The heritage look was all over the catwalks for AW10, combining the usual seasonal return to tweed with the ladylike vibe. As a result, pleats and pencil skirts fell on or below the knee, kilts steered clear of the typical punk-influenced mini, and corduroys and cable-knits combined with long leather gloves to complement the cosy, country feel of many a collection…

As always, I’m working hard at recreating this look on my own budget. Today’s outfit is made up of recent charity shop bargains, including the reversible wool skirt I picked up on my birthday and a Laura Ashley quilted corduroy jacket I found yesterday lunch time at the local BHF.

Looking at the elements that make up the heritage look – tweeds, wools and tartans aside – I began to realise how easy it would be to adapt existing items to fit the trend. Take this £165 Carven jumper:

Pretty, I grant you, but worth £165 simply because it features elbow patches? I’m yet to be convinced – especially when, for around a tenner, I could buy elbow patches myself and sew onto an existing sweater.

(Which I’ll probably be doing… I have a sweater in mind!)

Image (and patches) from Create for Less

Thanks to fashion’s tendency to come full circle on an increasingly narrow timescale, there are very few looks these days that can’t be recreated with a little perseverance and a needle and thread. Traditional looks, such as heritage chic, are by their very nature, reproductions. So if this look appeals to you, get down to the local charity shop, take a trip to your local haberdashery – hell, raid your Grandma’s wardrobe! But trust me, this is a look made to be done on a budget!

(Oh, and if your thrifting never turns up treasure, worry not: I’ve written a bumper guide to charity shopping, scheduled for Saturday morning. Read, digest – then hit the shops with a vengeance!)


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