Out of sorts

Out of sorts really is the only way to describe how I felt this weekend. I actually did lots of really lovely things, yet still spent much of the time feeling tearful and a little sick. I was also off my food, which is so unlike me – even when I’m really poorly I usually have a hearty appetite, and especially for Dapper’s cottage pie…

Come to think of it, even leaving my coat on the train was out of character for me. I just don’t do that sort of thing. It’s as if my whole being is out of line – something has thrown me off kilter and I need to work out what it could be.

On to more pleasant topics, on Friday night Dapper, Carys, N and I attended a charity barn dance in Shirley. It was very typical of the kinds of local community charity dances I’ve been to in the past – bulk-bought buffet, held in the local community centre and HUGE amounts of fun. Dapper threw Carys and I around the dance floor like spinning tops (I have the bruises on my arms to prove it!) and even N proved to be impressively nimble on his feet! I had a marvelous evening, and would really like to dance on a more regular basis.

On Saturday we had a jaunt into Knowle to check out the charity shops and Oxfam books. I didn’t buy any books (a rare thing indeed!) but did find a delightful artisan bread shop with a cheese counter that sells my absolute favourite cheese, Fourme D’Ambert. It’s not easy to get hold of over here, but comes from the village of Ambert in France where we used to holiday when I was little. It’s a blue cheese, which I’m not always a fan of, but has quite a firm, almost creamy texture, melts on the tongue into so many flavours, and leaves a distinct after-taste of walnuts. I highly recommend it to cheese lovers everywhere!

We then stopped in at the hall for a cuppa with Dapper’s lovely mum, salvaged the last of the damsons from the trees along the drive, and curled up for an evening of Strictly and DVDs. Which is increasingly my favourite way to spend Saturday nights…

On Sunday I worked at Waterstones again and can now let you all know that, with great regret, I have handed in my notice. I am passionate about bookselling, and love every minute of it, but I’m burning out working a six day week, and need my Sundays to relax. It’s a year since I was made redundant, and 10 months since I started working so many hours, and my body is starting to show signs of irritation that I’m pushing it so hard – I really need to give it a break, for a little while at least.

So, any suggestions or advice on what I might have done to knock my energies out of balance are very welcome. Suggestions and advice on how to fix it, even more so!


10 thoughts on “Out of sorts

  1. Vitamin C!! There is a redoxon Vitamin C, it’s an extra strong one and I think you can only take it for about a week because essentially you are overdosing on Vitamin C, but it really does pick everything up!

    • Hmmm – I have let my morning vit C slip lately… I have a high dose with rosehip for immunity that I like – perhaps I should try to remember taking that again. I’ll give it a go! 🙂

  2. I agree with Corey, the 6 day week is very hard on you. I know working from home one day a week will help, but a one day weekend isn’t enough to get a proper rest. I believe that one of the reasons why I have felt so low over the past few months was the exhausting commute I had been doing for a year – you can only tolerate that kind of thing for so long and I ignored my body’s attempts to tell me that I was exhausted for too long. It’s a shame about Waterstone’s because clearly you’re very talented and passionate, but I’m glad you’re giving yourself back some time. And selfishly, I hope it means we’ll see more of you in the Somerville at weekends! xx

    • Hee – def means more time for lazy sunday strolls and pub trips come next spring! Which, scarily enough, looks set to be here before we know it.

      I do agree that the six day week has been a killer. I’m absolutely gutted to be giving up something I love, and at the same time so relieved at the thought of having Sundays back again. Both emotions are strong and so contradictory – perhaps that’s why I’m feel so odd!!


  3. You sound as though your iron levels are low. Being anemic can really knock you sideways. Supplimenting your diet with Spatone for a few weeks should help get you back on track.

  4. I used to work 5 days a week with 1.5 hours commute each way, when I went down to 4 days a week I felt so much better and having a whole extra day to myself way great. I don’t know how you have managed to work 6 days a week for so long! At the moment I am working 5 days a week again and really notice the difference.

    Hopefully you will feel more yourself when you have all that extra time and get chance to have a proper rest as weekends.

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