A good day

Just to demonstrate my hair jewelery
– the brooch was a birthday gift

Today has been a good day! The world has watched in teary-eyed joy as miner after miner has been rescued in Chile. If twitter has been anything to go by, there’s been barely a dry eye in the western world as what would almost certainly have been a tragedy mere decades ago transformed before our very eyes into a miracle. Sixty-nine days those miners have been trapped underground – for them all to be healthy and half safely out already is simply astonishing!

No time for a lengthy post today, as it’s Kate’s baby shower shortly and I’ve a platter of cucumber sandwiched to produce and two dozen cupcakes to ice… But just to let you know, I’ve started a Find Caroline’s Coat facebook group. Please click through and join, spread the word – help me make the toerags who stole her feel guilty enough to hand her in!

UPDATE: I actually failed to hit “publish” before I went out –  oops! Just pretend you read all this before 10pm…


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