Mad about Joan

Yup, more Mad Men stuff…

In the current edition of net-a-Porter’s online fashion magazine there’s a nice little editorial called Mad About You, featuring the two leading ladies of Mad Men and how to emulate their style this AW. The Joan page features this beauty:

The Shadow Bodysuit, £570 by Willow

Let’s ignore the price just for a minute… Am I the only one who thinks this is divine? I am a big fan of shapewear to create a smooth silhouette, and an even bigger one of bodysuits worn beneath layers in winter – but none of mine is quite this pretty!

I am very excited by the influx of high waist panties and longline bras popping up all over the high street – proper underwear at last! I was less impressed to see my favourite recent M&S purchase feature on Week 1 of Strictly.

michelle williams strictly come dancing week 1 cha cha cha bra top

Sewing a handful of sparkles onto a bra does not a dance costume make!


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