What’s in a name?

In one of my former incarnations I was a web editor. That is to say, I created content for web, usually, copy. What I was not, was web developer or web designer – but that did not stop anyone without the confines of the web team requesting development and design work from me on a daily basis.

These days I’m a marketer. Unfortunatley, I’m a “Digital” marketer, the go-to girl for social media – and since social media = online and online = web – well, you know where this is going. Entirely different job, but same logical leap to incorrect assumptions. I still can’t fix your website or explain how that database actually works. (In fact, when it comes to databases you’ll be lucky if I can even explain how the search function works…) Not all jobs in web have a singular function.

You wouldn’t ask a journalist to make tweaks to the printing or distribution channels of a newspaper, would you?


Ok, rant over. It’s Friday and you know what that means – yup, I’m off to Dapper’s for the weekend! Still, I managed to snap and upload a couple of outfit shots before leaving this morning. I’m excited to be giving my cloche her first outing!


6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. “You wouldn’t ask a journalist to make tweaks to the printing or distribution channels of a newspaper, would you?”

    Trust me, they would!

    I think any job with the word “web” in the title is particularly prone to this, though. Terry, as you know, is a web designer: he deals purely with the way a site looks, and while he has built up a great deal of technical knowledge about how to make his designs run faster, perform better etc, he’s not a coder, or a help desk operator, or whatever. Nevertheless, any time one of his clients has a problem with their email, guess who gets the call? At 10pm on a Friday night? Gah.

    Anyway, that aside, you’re looking particularly lovely in these photos – I love the hat and the velvet jacket. Enjoy your weekend with Dapper 🙂

  2. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC TODAY!!! And yes, I am shouting. 😉

    I think people in general just ask so much of everyone else. I have customers who ask me to do all manner of things that are not related at all to insurance.

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