Hemmed up

In the absence of my beloved coat and inspired by the forecast snow for this week, I spent last Thursday night shortening a beautiful 70s wool cape coat I bought in a charity shop a couple of years ago. It’s a lovely forest green, and now falls to just below the knee – a far more practical length for me. I hemmed this with the utmost care, measuring, marking and pinning carefully all around before cutting, re-pinning and hand-sewing the entire length. I’m delighted with the result, as it does not look remotely amateurish, as some of my hems occasionally do…

A close up of my tights and shoes – I didn’t
think the camera had caught the colours sufficiently!

I must admit that I have been somewhat distrustful when it comes to the warmth offered by this season’s capes. It seems to me that any item of clothing that makes a central feature of two gaping holes couldn’t offer much in the way of heat retention. But I needn’t have doubted: despite the frost-covered grass and breath-misted morning air, I found myself overheated by the time I reached the station. It might be down in part to the quality of this beautiful felted wool piece, but it is, without doubt, a cosy number. And to think, I was worried that I’d need to line it!

What I am wondering about, however, is belting it. The length I cut off the hem was the perfect width to create a tie belt, and I have dutifully hemmed it as such. But in order to use it, I would need to put a couple of belt holes in the sides… the question really is, is it worth it? I’m currently leaning towards NO!

Next project: tarting up my 90s, (fake) fur-collared, grey long coat. This was a Christmas present from Dorothy Perkins in the Spice Girls’ heyday. I used to wear it with knee boots and mini skirt, feeling I looked the bees knees… in fact, I recall wearing it to Wetherspoons on new years eve, what must have been 1998! The fur has kept remarkably well (often the first thing to look tatty) and although the skirt is narrower than I’d like, it’s still a good shape. I think some shiny new buttons will make a difference, then I’ll look at potentially shortening again, perhaps even picking up some matching wool to create panels and widen the skirt? I’m not sure just yet…

(Oh, and if anyone has an old fur jacket they don’t want, or sees one for practically nothing in a charity shop, feel free to point me in the general direction – I intend to make myself a muff for this winter, and feel a fur sleeve would be the ideal starting point!)


10 thoughts on “Hemmed up

  1. Boot sales are the place to pick up bargain faux fur jackets & the Leamington car boot has a very good reputation. I love the cape coat, I like capes though, they remind me of Sherlock Holmes.

    • I will think about visiting a few car boot sales – if there are any still running once I’ve left Watserstones!

      I know what you mean about Sherlock Holmes – I did think that all I needed was a deerstalker hat and a pipe! πŸ˜€


    • This was so much easier than I expected – I mean, I have actual physical holes in my finger tips from pushing the needle through the fabric, but the sewing aside it was a simple process! Seriously, anyone can do it! πŸ™‚

  2. Loving the cape! That forest green works very well on your complexion.

    I shall ask my Ma about fur – I know my Grandma has some, Mum does, my Mum’s Aunt did….I’m sure there’s some knocking around. I shall have a chat to her though.

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